About us

Why partner with Form Recruit


To form better construction companies, globally.


To be the go-to recruitment partner for construction companies.


We innovate, we collaborate, we succeed.

Construction forms a huge part of any economy. Plus… it’s expected to grow by a whopping 25% on 2020.

Let’s face it. Construction will carry on, regardless.

It’s what construction does best.

New infrastructure projects are driving the economy back into shape. And it’s widely known that we needs more talent from top-to-bottom.

That’s why Form Recruit exists:


We’re on a mission to be the go-to recruitment partner for construction companies.

Everything that Form does is to help the construction community, while supporting the people that work for us.

With hopes pinned on the construction industry to grow – Form Recruit is your go-to recruitment partner for all your white-collar talent.

By using a recruitment consultancy whose sole focus is the Construction market, you’ll get the benefit of:

low angle photography of gray tower crane

Dedicated and specialist network.

The right people in your team.

Access to experts who can bring your projects in on time, and under budget.

A recruitment partner who focuses on your business strategy.

Complete 360 hiring assistance, from sourcing and interviewing, through to references and onboarding.

If you’re looking to hire someone, or you’re looking for a new position – contact us today.